Monthly Archives: August 2012

IT Consultants Provide Businesses Much-Needed IT Modernization

In the early days of the internet, IT spending was requisite, not strategic. Then, companies hired IT experts to maintain on-site hardware, software and storage. Occasionally, an additional IT consultant might be brought in to assess the long-term viability of … Continue reading

Information Technology Consulting Firms and the CIO’s New Role

Chief Information Officer: It’s a title that expresses high-level management across information sources. Yet the reality is that for many CIOs, the job encompasses not just strategic management but also technological platforms, contracts, vendor relationships and countless other minutiae of … Continue reading

The 5-Headed IT Person: Assessing the Value of IT Managed Services

With the technology landscape in constant flux, IT professionals often find themselves wearing a variety of different hats. Whether you have an in-house IT department or contract the work out to an IT managed services firm, a critical step in … Continue reading

IT Consultants Lead the Way to Making Smarter Technology Purchases

Oftentimes, employees who provide IT maintenance are expected to supply strategy, as well. Many companies rely on their in-house IT staff to suggest new technologies, which is rarely the best approach. In-house IT employees often lack the perspective required to … Continue reading

Hire an Overqualified Technical Person or an IT Consulting Firm?

As the economy picks up speed, business owners face a dilemma: Hire new workers, or outsource required work? This is one of those problems business owners and managers want to have. After all, it’s far preferable to be in need … Continue reading