Monthly Archives: September 2012

CFOs Partner with Portland IT Managed Services in Post-Digital World

Today’s CFOs face an important strategic choice: namely, whether or not to work strategically with IT leadership. In the past, IT managed services had as little to do with overall company strategy as any other piece of equipment. Those who … Continue reading

IT Consultants = Must Have; Internal Staff = Nice to Have

When IT concerns become overwhelming, many managers assume hiring an on-staff IT expert is the solution. Unfortunately, this impulse represents an outdated mode of IT management. Given that IT is now crucial to every company’s bottom line – and that … Continue reading

IT Consultants and the Collaboration System User Interface

As IT consultants are well aware, collaboration systems are the next hot development in internal communications. For years, email has been the main method of communication between employees. However, the advent of cloud technology has made for a leap in … Continue reading

IT Consultants Help Internal IT Departments at Odds with Users

As IT consultants, we at Lead I.T. work collaboratively with CFIOs and IT departments to develop technology solutions. Our approach is one of teamwork – an IT consultant from our team won’t undermine the expertise of your staff but can … Continue reading

Are Hybrid CIOs the New SMB IT Consultants?

Small business employees see plenty of benefits: a more personal relationship with their managers, for instance, as well as greater opportunity for innovation than is typically found within large corporations. However, these advantages are typically offset by the challenges that … Continue reading