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About Bob Deasy

In 2009, Bob founded Lead I.T. Consulting as an outsourced IT services company specializing in supporting SMBs throughout Portland and Southern Washington. He has extensive knowledge and experience in network security, cybersecurity, disaster recovery, proactive network monitoring and maintenance and network video solutions. Bob and his team are proud to service a wide range of businesses including manufacturing firms, food manufactures, Non-Profit agencies and many more. Bob has served and is retired from United States Air Force where he began his career with computers. Upon his return to Oregon he worked as engineer with Floating Point Systems, Sequent Computer Systems, Intel and Mentor Graphics. Bob graduated from Portland State University with a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

About Lead I.T. Consulting

When Bob founded Lead I.T. Consulting, to provide IT services in Portland, his business model was quite simple – when it comes to business there is not one person who can solve all IT challenges. What each and every business needs is a five-headed-IT-person.

Time and technology have advanced to a point where the IT provider is more than just a technician fixing a broken hard drive. Now they are a strategic member of the client’s team. Lead I.T. Consulting is focused on technology offerings which include proactive solutions to monitor and maintain our clients networks to mitigate downtime should a disaster strike.

Lead I.T. Consulting presents our clients with complete support from helpdesk services, incident management, problem management, vendor management and change support services. Our approach is to keenly assess not only your technology needs to but offer solutions that will mesh with overall business processes and goals. In essence we implement proactive solutions to enhance a brighter future.

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