Artificial Intelligence and about 94,000,000 results

These days it is hard to avoid yet another email in your inbox touting the value, improvements, and much more that artificial intelligence, AI, can do to improve your business. In my case, these articles come from companies selling new products and services with AI components to developers promising to solve all of my chores by using AI. How much of this is reality and how much is hype? Does AI really do as much as it promises?

Do you actually have an issue you need AI to solve?

As with anything new, the first and foremost thing is to establish that there is a problem in need of a solution. If there is nothing broken, then do not bring in AI. Most, if not all, AI providers will start the conversation with chatbots, and yes, if you search for chatbots you will get about 858,000 results. While this seems like a big number it misrepresents the problem by assigning a large weight to something small business already can manage.

We know that many publicly held companies need help with customer service and we have all suffered as these international companies attempt to support customers. A good use for AI is a wireless company with 217.39 million customers that can use AI to more consistently answer many questions. That use case makes business sense. For most businesses, though, the conversation needs to be moved to something closer and more specific to their actual needs.

Do you like the AI-based services you are getting from others?

Centering the conversation on your unique business needs requires that your trusted service provider is focused on preserving your secret sauce not diluting it.  As mentioned in many other posts, having a big service provider who has optimized your systems and infrastructure around *their* goals can really challenge your business when you ask them about AI improvements.

Step back for a moment and ask yourself about the customer service experience they provide. Can you tell if it is a bot or a person? Does that matter to you? Is the customer experience they deliver equal to or better than what you provide your customers? If the answer is yes then, by all means, seek out their advice and recommendations. If, on the other hand, you see their customer experience as less than what your customers expect, then don’t break what is working. (Or, consider changing it for a potentially lesser solution.)

Of course, it is your business, and you know what your goals and aspirations are so why settle for less than your customers would expect?

AI is still evolving

Dare to seek out a service provider that understands your needs and differences plus has no qualms about honestly sharing the pros and cons for the best decisions. Just because no shortage of AI solutions exists it doesn’t mean your business would be better for employing any of them. It’s also important to consider that AI is still in relatively early stages as far as most day-to-day business operations go.  It will continue to evolve. So, if it doesn’t feel like the solutions you are seeing currently are right for your business right now, hold but keep an open mind. Down the road, as AI technologies and applications evolve, a solution that is right for you could be available at a future date. Continue to seek counsel from your trusted technology partners who can likely help you determine if an AI solution would benefit your business and your interactions with your customers.

Let’s talk!

These questions arise frequently with our Lead I.T. customers. If you have questions about how to leverage AI for your business or would like to consult with us further, we’d be delighted to have that conversation. Lead I.T. Consulting always starts with the business and customizes technology solutions to fit your business goals while minimizing risk. Book a meeting to discuss or complete a contact form and let us know how we might help.

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