Bliss and IT the saga continues. Everything is very serious now.

Potatoes in Teams?
Meeting online has many positive qualities and certainly in times of challenges can be very helpful. For our team at Lead IT Consulting, we have a new cadence of meeting online twice a week. As a result, we are staying connected, keeping up on what is new plus knowing what is happening. All very serious and at times a little tense. It was in between meetings when I heard about a person who became a potato in a meeting and then I was in a meeting where a person changed their background. I just had to find out how to do this and now I want to share that with you. In this example, I am using Microsoft Teams as that is what we have so your mileage might vary with other tools.

The concept is based on needing an application to control and manage your camera.

The application I am using is Snap Camera, which is free, for both MAC or PC at Free Snap Camera Download

What does Snap Camera look like?

Snap Camera starts up like any other application and when it starts you will see this:

What you do here is select different lenses, like a potato:

Now that you are a potato what happens next?

With the Microsoft desktop version of Teams you click on yourself in the upper right-hand corner to expand the menu, which looks like this:

Next, you will need to click on devices:

Note this will show your default camera selection.

Change the camera setting which will need to be changed to Snap Camera:

There you have it.

Now you can be a potato or other lens selection (I like the doughnut) to amuse your coworker and more. Bottom line: Bringing laughter into your meetings, especially at this time, can break the ice and help everyone relax. Enjoy. Be safe and take care.

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