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Are you looking at IT the way you look at accounting? Or are you looking for one full-time IT guy with five heads?

Here’s your overarching IT challenge: handling today’s productivity issues—those things that have “emergency” red-lettered all over them—while proactively preparing for tomorrow. But unless you run IT like you run your accounting department, chances are your IT person is looking in the mirror to see if he sees what he thinks you see—five heads on a lone body.

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Core vs. Chore – Does your IT professional have the headroom to think about your business?

If you think your IT professional is thinking about how technology can advance your business objectives while he’s rebooting computers, think again. More likely, his mind is focused on checking off the next chore on his to-do list.

“I forgot my password.” “My screen is frozen again.” “How do I connect to Wi-Fi?” “How do I install a new program?” “Can you help me get email on my phone?”

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Defining Remote Managed Services for Portland SMBs


Sometimes, the terms that get thrown around in IT circles aren’t easy to understand. According to a recent survey of SMB leaders by Techaisle, the term “remote managed services” is one of the least understood in all of IT. Managed services are not that difficult to understand, however – and their benefit to any business is easy to appreciate, as well.

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IT Security: A New Version of the Dictionary for 2013

DictionaryEarly computer commentators assumed there would never be more than a few hundred viruses. And in 2006, Bill Gates promised that spam would soon be totally eliminated. Yet computer threats continue to pose serious risks to businesses and individuals alike. Hackers and criminals exploit any opportunities for financial gain – and clearly they’re creative enough to continue to do so, regardless of what new security products Microsoft or any other large company throws at them.

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What’s in Store for IT Security: Predictions for 2013

Malware AheadTypically, victims of a computer infection don’t realize their machines are “sick” until it’s already too late. For instance, on Oct. 3, 2012, 53 universities experienced unauthorized access to their networks. The group of hacktivists that took responsibility for the attack acknowledged, “When we got there, we found most university servers already had malware injected.” Clearly, you can’t wait until an attack has happened to shore up your systems. Instead, we suggest working with an IT consultant to protect your system against the upcoming IT security threats in 2013, as outlined below.

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5 Mistakes an IT Consultant can Help You Avoid

“Live and learn,” the old aphorism goes – but wouldn’t you rather learn as much as possible before actually having to live through an experience? Doing so can certainly save business leaders money down the road. Below, we list five of the most common IT mistakes business leaders make. As you’ll see, hiring an IT consulting service can help you avoid making these mistakes in the first place.

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3 Questions to Ask Your IT Consultant about Data Backup

IBM x3650 ServersThe world of business data backup is changing fast. Just a few years ago, the standard backup procedure involved regularly storing backup data on tapes. Leading firms sent those tapes to an off-site location so data could be retrieved even if the office building itself was destroyed. My, what a difference the cloud makes. Nowadays, it’s less expensive and more effective to store data backups on a remote server, typically in a separate state where regional disasters cannot cause harm. No physical storage devices are needed, as data can be transferred via the internet. (We use the word “internet” here for simplicity’s sake; the connection used to transfer data can take many different forms.) With the business backup landscape shifting so dramatically, it is wise for business leaders to ask the following questions about business continuity data solutions. Continue reading

Who NOT to Hire when Choosing an IT Services Provider

01 (278)- InterviewAre you on the hunt for a trustworthy, intelligent provider of IT services? If so, you’ve probably seen dozens of articles on what to look for in an IT consulting service. However, there’s plenty to avoid, as well, when hiring IT workers. Steer clear of the kinds of IT specialists listed below –they’ll only hinder your company’s innovation.

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The 5-Headed IT Guy: How Much Time Can He Give to Technology Changes & Upgrades?

Synergy?It’s not unusual for SMB employees to wear different hats, but IT employees are often so busy that it seems they must need five heads and 10 hands to get it all done! Between managing daily service requests, repairing random system incidents and keeping technology current, it’s nearly impossible for IT staff to find time to research potential hardware and software upgrades.

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Simplifying IT Technology for SMBs

We are living in an era of information overload, when the major obstacle facing business leaders is not so much finding relevant business advice, but knowing which information to trust. This trend is definitely true for IT managed services. Thousands of new IT articles are published every day, each claiming to outline the best SMB IT policy. It’s not unusual for a manager or owner to receive dozens of IT-related emails daily.

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