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5 Mistakes an IT Consultant can Help You Avoid

“Live and learn,” the old aphorism goes – but wouldn’t you rather learn as much as possible before actually having to live through an experience? Doing so can certainly save business leaders money down the road. Below, we list five of the most common IT mistakes business leaders make. As you’ll see, hiring an IT consulting service can help you avoid making these mistakes in the first place.

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3 Questions to Ask Your IT Consultant about Data Backup

IBM x3650 ServersThe world of business data backup is changing fast. Just a few years ago, the standard backup procedure involved regularly storing backup data on tapes. Leading firms sent those tapes to an off-site location so data could be retrieved even if the office building itself was destroyed. My, what a difference the cloud makes. Nowadays, it’s less expensive and more effective to store data backups on a remote server, typically in a separate state where regional disasters cannot cause harm. No physical storage devices are needed, as data can be transferred via the internet. (We use the word “internet” here for simplicity’s sake; the connection used to transfer data can take many different forms.) With the business backup landscape shifting so dramatically, it is wise for business leaders to ask the following questions about business continuity data solutions. Continue reading

Who NOT to Hire when Choosing an IT Services Provider

01 (278)- InterviewAre you on the hunt for a trustworthy, intelligent provider of IT services? If so, you’ve probably seen dozens of articles on what to look for in an IT consulting service. However, there’s plenty to avoid, as well, when hiring IT workers. Steer clear of the kinds of IT specialists listed below –they’ll only hinder your company’s innovation.

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The 5-Headed IT Guy: How Much Time Can He Give to Technology Changes & Upgrades?

Synergy?It’s not unusual for SMB employees to wear different hats, but IT employees are often so busy that it seems they must need five heads and 10 hands to get it all done! Between managing daily service requests, repairing random system incidents and keeping technology current, it’s nearly impossible for IT staff to find time to research potential hardware and software upgrades.

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Simplifying IT Technology for SMBs

We are living in an era of information overload, when the major obstacle facing business leaders is not so much finding relevant business advice, but knowing which information to trust. This trend is definitely true for IT managed services. Thousands of new IT articles are published every day, each claiming to outline the best SMB IT policy. It’s not unusual for a manager or owner to receive dozens of IT-related emails daily.

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IBM Infographic Highlights Higher Performance Expectations for IT Consultants

Sticky IBMWhen it comes to client/manager expectations, there is a world of difference between the IT consultant and the internal IT employee. For an in-house IT specialist, the main challenge is to prioritize “core” tasks over “chore” duties and to perform on par with other internal employees. An IT managed service provider, on the other hand, must constantly be seeking out new ways to make clients’ businesses more effective – to do otherwise would be to risk falling behind competitors. Failing to exceed client expectations could mean a lost account. I do not know of a single company leader who would pause for more than a moment to change a less-than-stellar IT supplier. In contrast, letting go of a full-time employee requires careful contemplation.

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BYOD Companies: How Does this Change Traditional IT Services?

Saatchi Gallery Media Lounge at #DellTechCampCompanies all over the country are questioning whether they should offer BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) accessibility to employees. This practice of allowing workers to use their own smartphones, tablets and laptops for work-related tasks is gaining popularity for several reasons: increased productivity (since the worker is more familiar with his or her own machine), improved employee engagement (since the employer seems flexible), and reduced capital expenditure. That last point makes BYOD especially appealing for startup companies.

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Top 3 IT Issues Facing Portland SMBs in 2012

A curl of cloudsWhen you’re in the middle of a challenging endeavor, it’s good to know that others are facing the same obstacles as you. As far as SMBs are concerned, there are a few IT issues that consistently arise as the most difficult for business owners and leaders to overcome. Techaisle’s recent survey revealed the following IT issues as the most pressing for SMBs today. Below, we reflect on why these issues are especially thorny, and how IT consulting firms such as Lead I.T. can take the pain out of finding a business solution. Continue reading

Cyber Liability Insurance and IT Consultants

Credit Card TheftWe live in a chaotic world. Natural disasters, data breaches and other events that previously occurred only once in a blue moon are now common enough to demand risk prevention planning from businesses. This new norm requires successful leaders to protect their companies from unforeseen perils. For example, cyber liability insurance is a critical element in protecting any U.S. business from the dangers of the digital world. Continue reading

Top 3 Ways SMBs Can Compete – and How IT Consultants Can Help

zohocreator_logoThe plucky underdog who rose from nothing to beat the big money – it’s a dream plotline for every SMB leader. Smaller companies often seem overshadowed by their much larger, much more established competitors. When you’re the small player facing off with a huge rival, it can seem impossible to beat the odds. However, just as David’s slingshot took down Goliath, there are ways for SMBs to compete with larger companies. As we’ll see, IT consultants are important in each of these strategies. Continue reading