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Technology Choices Revisited

Technology – it’s all about choices It was close to nine years ago that I wrote about the fact that there is always a choice to make when it comes to Information Technology. What was true then is still true … Continue reading

IT Security: A New Version of the Dictionary for 2013

Early computer commentators assumed there would never be more than a few hundred viruses. And in 2006, Bill Gates promised that spam would soon be totally eliminated. Yet computer threats continue to pose serious risks to businesses and individuals alike. … Continue reading

What’s in Store for IT Security: Predictions for 2013

Typically, victims of a computer infection don’t realize their machines are “sick” until it’s already too late. For instance, on Oct. 3, 2012, 53 universities experienced unauthorized access to their networks. The group of hacktivists that took responsibility for the … Continue reading

Maximizing IT Security Regardless of Budgets

In its list of IT outsourcing trends for 2012, predicted that IT security will step into the spotlight this year. Indeed, according to’s source, Mark Ruckman of Sanda Partners, a large provider of IT managed services will more … Continue reading