Being unsure of what you want from a service provider is not a bad thing when you talk to Lead IT Consulting

Your business is successful as a result of your hard work, attention to detail, and much much more. We created a short, three minute and seventeen second video, to explain how we honor your skills, strive to listen and learn about your secret sauce.

My name is Bob Deasy, CEO of Lead IT Consulting, and we specialize in custom tailored IT services and solutions for small and medium businesses in the Greater Portland area. The Lead IT Consulting Squad is comprised of friendly, knowledgeable techs who will put you, and your staff, at ease while resolving IT problems quickly and efficiently. Chances are you’ve never heard of me or my company before, but when you finish watching this video you’ll be glad you finally have.

Why can I make such a bold statement?

Almost every small business CEO I talk to will confess that their current computer support – whether it’s a friend who’s good with computers or a “professional” IT company – is NOT listening to how their company is different. Check out the three minute and seventeen second video below to see how Lead IT Consulting will help you move from being unsure of your IT needs to partnering with a company who strives to understand how your company is different and successful.

The standard cookie cutter next step is to offer you a free, no-obligation, no-sales-pressure IT Systems Assessment

The custom approach is a free, no-obligation, no-sales-pressure conversation where you share what makes your company successful, what is important and your concerns when it comes to Information Technology in your company.

The process starts with you picking a time that works for us to meet just click “BOOK A MEETING HERE.”

Interested in discussing how Lead I.T. might help your business?

Please BOOK A MEETING HERE by visiting our Microsoft Bookings page.
Or call us at 971-337-2428.

Awaiting your response,

Bob Deasy Lead I.T.

Bob Deasy
CEO, Lead IT Consulting


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