Why Choose Managed Services?

There are many different reasons to outsource IT managed services. Portland’s CFIOs and IT managers often cite the seven motivations we’ve listed below. Remember that each company will discover its own unique advantages for outsourcing IT managed services. Portland-based sports equipment company Adidas, for instance, could see an overall cost reduction by switching to external IT management. However, because Adidas is a global company, its leaders probably already have access to deep talent pools; as a result, Adidas might not accrue the fourth advantage listed below. Every business will find its own unique reasons to outsource IT services.

Seven Reasons to Outsource IT Management

1. Decrease Overall Cost

This popular motivation for all forms of outsourcing also applies to IT managed services. Portland’s IT firms can cut your costs because they are experts in their field.

2. Liberate In-House IT Gurus to Work on Strategic Projects

Oftentimes, in-house IT managers are so busy putting out fires that they have no time to research, select and implement cutting-edge technological developments. Indeed, in many organizations, IT workers spend 80 percent of their time maintaining current IT infrastructure and only 20 percent of their hours on innovative new IT approaches that could improve overall business performance.

In such cases, consider arranging for IT managed services. Portland business leaders will find that IT outsourcing firms can take over maintenance tasks, thereby freeing internal resources to work on strategic projects.

3. Shared Risk

Many hands make light work, and many IT experts make for lowered overall risk. By teaming up with a provider of IT managed services, Portland businesses can reduce the influence of any single IT employee.

4. World-Class Technical Expertise

Yes, this is a good place to be hiring for IT managed services – Portland is home to many IT gurus. However, many local businesses still outsource IT procedures, since doing so gives them access to a deeper talent pool. Just as an IT firm can usually reduce costs by applying economies of scale, they generally have access to a wider array of IT experts simply because their business is entirely focused on IT issues.

5. Lack of In-House Technical Experience and Knowledge

On the other end of the labor spectrum, lack of internal resources is another popular motivation for outsourcing IT.

6. Difficulty Managing IT Functions

If you’re not a specialist, it’s easy to feel like your IT network is spiraling out of control, putting your business at risk. Rather than struggling to handle all aspects of IT in-house, many organizations redirect IT tasks to outsourcing firms.

7. Increase Focus on Core Business Initiatives

Another benefit of IT managed services Portland business leaders cite is the increased time spent on the heart of their business. Chances are you didn’t get into business to learn about IT security. Hiring an IT outsourcing firm to handle your IT systems allows you and your employees to get back to why your business was founded in the first place.

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