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AI-Generated Cybercrime Is Just Getting Started

If you are like me, you have lost count of the number of times that a salesperson, white paper or industry expert has said “this new technology will revolutionize your business, create new profits and so much more. Well today the product that everyone is hyper ventilating about is AI or Artificial Intelligence. 

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Zero trust is what?

Seems that Zero Trust is NOT a new phenomenon when it comes to information technology. Today it is hard not to hear or see any number of vendors talking about it with great excitement. What is Zero trust? Where did this idea come from? Is there any basis for this concept? 

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BYOC is not risk free

Introduction Cyber threats are pervasive and everywhere today it seems. Cyber thieves are having success with snatching passwords via phones, personal email accounts, pirated software, and illegal websites.  We know they are being successful because more and more attacks are yielding positive results like ransom payments and business interruptions. Today, let’s examine the underpinning of

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