Looking Beyond Cost Savings: The Additional Value of IT Outsourcing

Business lingo is rife with terms describing cost, from ROI to AP. The proliferation of money-related business terms is justified, considering that unstable finances are the downfall of most failed businesses. However, cost is not the only factor today’s business leaders must take into account; they also must innovate new offerings and new approaches, so as to keep cash flowing in the future.

Too often when pursuing IT outsourcing, companies focus solely on costs and lose track of how IT service providers can also empower businesses with improved technology, global capacities and increased flexibility. If one is blind to everything save IT outsourcing costs, it becomes difficult to break out of technological stagnation. Paying attention to costs is necessary for businesses to run smoothly in the present; noticing other IT variables is key to a business’s future success.

As you choose an IT outsourcing partner, you’ll naturally want to gather price information. However, you should also factor these other IT concerns into your ultimate vendor decision.

1. Global Capacities (Even if you only have offices in separate counties)

Since the 1990s, business scholars have reported that efficient IT structures can provide a competitive advantage. Companies around the world have discovered that expansion is more attainable with the proper IT structures in place. While you might not have offices in Europe and Asia the need for standards and scale is still present when you have offices across town or in different states. On the other end of the spectrum, poor IT infrastructure can limit a company’s growth. An IT outsourcing partner can help you achieve global consistency across your organization by linking information systems to your business strategy. For instance, an IT outsourcing expert could create a catalogue of services and technology currently used by your firm. This thorough evaluation could then be folded into information architecture to facilitate intelligent management.

2. Improved Technology

Creating a service catalogue brings other advantages, as well. International IT standards such as ITIL guidelines recommend compiling a service catalogue in order to systematically assess a firm’s technological standing. IT outsourcing experts can help you prioritize technological improvements that will boost your company’s overall performance.

3. Increased Flexibility

Through user-directed portals and other automated systems, IT outsourcing companies can help you create more flexible working procedures so your employees and customers don’t waste as much time waiting for IT to work.

Ideally, you will find an IT outsourcing partner who can help your business succeed through innovation, while also minimizing IT costs.

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