Three Reasons to Hire Managed Services to Implement ITIL

Most CFIOs and other managers of IT services understand the importance of implementing ITIL guidelines. These international standards dictate the best practices for IT service management. Process optimization, enhanced operating speed, increased efficiency and improved quality in managed services are just a few of the benefits companies can achieve by adapting their IT structures to meet ITIL standards.

However, ITIL implementation is trickier than it seems at first glance. Communicated in five volumes, ITIL service suggestions are complex enough to leave plenty of room for interpretation. As with any thorough guidebook, some players apply ITIL teachings more successfully than others. In our years of experience as providers of change management services, we have learned why it’s best to outsource the ITIL adoption process, as enumerated below.

1. Spend less time trying to understand ITIL standards.

If you choose to standardize your IT services in-house, your employees will require many hours to educate themselves on how the ITIL guidelines work. In contrast, professionals offering change management services specialize in ITIL implementation, making for improved cost and time efficiency.


2. Lowered upfront cost and time commitment.

In addition to staff education, in-house application of ITIL guidelines often requires the development of a stable platform for managed services. Process engineering and customization may also be needed. However, if you outsource the ITIL adoption process, you can entrust these complicated procedures to specialists, thereby spending less and seeing faster results.

Providers of change management services estimate that it takes the average company a minimum of six months to implement ITIL standards if the standardization process is carried out in-house. In contrast, because outsource IT services typically apply prebuilt workflows and other time-saving strategies, firms that hire change management services to realize ITIL standardization can often make the switch in six to eight weeks. Less time equates to less labor and lower overall costs.

3. Realize the benefits of ITIL standardization.

The honest truth is that ITIL adoption does not guarantee system improvement. ITIL certification simply indicates that a certain process or technology meets ITIL standards. Depending on the chosen platform, ITIL adoption can streamline operations and help your business, or it can represent an enormous waste of investment. Partnering with a professional provider of change management services increases the chance that you’ll actually realize the incredible potential promised by ITIL compliance.

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  1. It made sense to me when you said that hiring managed IT companies could be cost and time-efficient since they don’t need to spend hours to educate themselves on how the ITIL guidelines work. This reminds me of companies that rely on computers for their operations to keep going. I could imagine how hiring an IT solution company could ensure that all projects are going to be executed without spending a lot of time.

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