Outsourced IT Support Services: Meet the Lead I.T. Squad

Each of our Lead I.T. Squad members have unique superpowers to help you. From outsourced helpdesk support to fully-managed IT services, our Portland-based IT support team will keep your business network operating smoothly so your staff can focus on what they do best.

Service Requests / Helpdesk

New employee onboarding, application, network and server support, desktop and cloud app support. Remote or onsite.

Problem Management

Part forensic investigator, part visionary for day-to-day support. 24×7 coverage for all user systems and agreed upon software packages.

Change Management

What macro changes are coming down the pike that you don’t even know to worry about yet?  Leave that to our change management experts. Crystal balls optional.

Incident Management

Nimble, proactive and protective. Front lines and behind the scenes 24×7 coverage working to minimize issues as they arise.

Vendor Management

Well-versed in the complex web of vendor contracts, this Guide will ensure your IT support vendor bench plays well together.

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