More considerations for doing a .cpa domain migration

The American Society of CPA’s (AICPA) introduction of the .cpa top-level domain was in the fall of 2020. As you may or may not be aware the .cpa domain is a restricted top-level domain (TLD) that is only available to licensed CPAs and CPA firms. This domain type provides an added level of trust and credibility, as visitors can be assured that they are interacting with a legitimate CPA website or email address, not an impersonator or cybercriminal. Completing a .cpa domain migration can save your customers money directly and indirectly.

Security your visitors can SEE

The value begins with the fact that every .cpa domain holder goes through a verification process, making it virtually impossible for applications to not be from a valid and legitimate CPA firm.  The process does not apply to any holder of any other domain, aside from .gov.  Just as it’s clear .gov is reserved for government-only web sites,  .cpa is only for CPA and accounting firms.

Ongoing security for your business

The registry service also continuously monitors .cpa domains for phishing, malware, and other cyber threats, providing your firm an additional layer of security compared to .com and other domains.

Increased visibility for your business

Even though .cpa has been available for close to four years the verification process has limited the commercial “scooping up” of domain names that might be of value or interest.  What this means is that what was not available as .com might be available in .cpa There is demonstrable value in having a domain name that is easily recognized as your practice and creates more distinction for you clients and prospects.

An emerging trend

With the ever-growing need for more security and acknowledging that trust on the internet will require changes from what has been an organic growth mindset, there will be more industries moving to secure top-level domains or TLD’s.  It bears mentioning that many companies, countries, and organizations are prepared with their own TLD’s. Check out this list for yourself and see how many companies and industries you recognize: TLDs Listed Alphabetically | TLD-List. 

Future-proof your business

Now as the internet evolves towards more specialized and secure TLDs, like .cpa, migrating now allows your firm to future-proof your online presence, stay ahead of this trend, and embrace a more secure internet.


So, in summary, the main drivers and benefits for your firm and your customers are enhanced trust, improved credibility, security, branding flexibility, and positioning the firm for upcoming internet standards – making a .cpa migration an investment in the firm’s long-term digital strategy.  When you look to making this change be aware that the work is too complex for web designers or SEO firms. 

An experienced resource

Lead IT consulting has the experience and technical expertise to make this change uneventful and can help your SEO company or web designer understand the changes too. Book a meeting to discuss or complete a contact form and let us know how we might help. 

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