Are you renting space for your staff or just the server ?

In these times that we find ourselves, as business owners, realizing there’s a lot of change and pivoting quickly.

We’re realizing that things we’ve thought about doing with our businesses, we’ve been forced to accept. One of the largest of which is working remotely, having our staff not be physically in our office spaces. They’re not sitting at their desk, they’re not anywhere close to us. They’re now working from home if we’re fortunate to still have business going on.

And our offices are empty. So, the question becomes, then, as we’re coming out of this, as we start making plans—because we do, as business owners and professionals, need to make plans for the future. One of the questions is, do we actually commit to having our staff always work from home? It’s a very strong and powerful question. And think about it, are your business goals still being accomplished—irrespective of the customers right now—is your staff doing what needs to be done? Are they comfortable? Do they seem okay? And that naturally leads to, why do you have an office?

Well, one of the reasons that you may have an office is that you have a server in that office, and that server needs space. And that takes power, and that takes air conditioning, and you end up renting a whole space just for the server to sit in. Now, if you had taken advantage of cloud services, that server would not be in your office. In fact, you wouldn’t need an office, and you could make a very good, different type of business decision and elect to no longer lease an office. Perhaps you could just get by with a small WeWork kind of space, or a place for conference rooms to have sales meetings, or meet clients with, rather than paying a large amount for everybody to sit in, which now ends up being home for your server.

How long do you want to pay rent for the server to have its own place? That’s a question that you want to understand the other sides to. As in, how hard would it be for me to not have a server in my office? How hard is it to put it all up in the Cloud? What’s involved with that? Well, I can share with you that Lead IT has helped lots of customers perform that transition. And our clients today, if they choose not to have an office, don’t have to have an office because all their server resources are in the Cloud. So, they’re not tethered, they’re not tied to a lease; something that saves them money. And in these times, as we emerge from the pandemic and the crisis, will make them more competitive because they have less fixed costs.

So, again, this is Bob Deasy, talking to you a bit about options for the future, how to streamline your business and take advantage of all the changes you had to make, and move, to the cloud, those resources that support your business. Contact us, and that’s Thank you very much, and have a great day.

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