IT Consulting Services Customized for Your Needs

Whatever your IT consulting needs, Lead IT has your back. We’re a full-service technology advisor offering an ITIL-based service catalog. Translation: You can choose from a clear menu of standardized IT consulting services, so you know exactly what you’re paying for. Ask us about:

  • Cloud computing and virtualization. Think the cloud might be the cost-effective IT solution you’ve been looking for? Our IT consultants can help you integrate cloud services into your current systems.
  • Vendor management. Let us navigate your maze of technology vendor contracts to ensure every dollar is well-spent.
  • Change management. Improve how changes are handled within your organization.
  • Productivity and workflow. Increase your employees’ efficiency by ensuring your IT systems properly support productivity and workflow.

Whatever you need done, our IT consultants have the expertise to follow through – and without a lot of direction. Every time you call us, you’ll reach someone who understands your systems and can provide prompt, cost-effective solutions. With one eye on your technology and the other on your budget, we’ll fix your problems without fail.

Learn What Lead IT Can Do for You

Every company is different, but we all need technology to keep things running. Whether you’re a CFO looking to cut costs, a CFIO looking for an extra pair of hands, or a small business owner looking to grow, Lead IT can give you what you need.

Are You Overspending on IT Support?

Most businesses rely on basic IT systems that are poorly optimized and expensive to support. Companies are often amazed at how much they can save on monthly support costs simply by standardizing their systems based on industry best practices. Use our calculator tool to discover how your IT costs stack up.

Assess Your IT Support Costs