Are You Overspending on IT Support?

Most businesses rely on basic IT systems that are poorly optimized and expensive to support. Companies are often amazed at how much they can save on monthly support costs simply by standardizing their systems based on industry best practices.

Fill in the numbers below to calculate how your IT costs stack up.

  Your Business Industry Average* Lead IT**
Annual IT
Support Costs
$56,725 $65,265 $40,372
Monthly IT
Support Costs
$4,727 $5,438 $3,364

You are currently spending $4,727 monthly on IT support costs, compared with the industry average of $5,438. If Lead IT streamlined your systems, you could potentially spend $1,363 per month.

*Industry Average: Most businesses have a basic or non-standard IT system in place, which is the most expensive and least optimized for any business. This calculation is based on the cost per employee, adjusted for inflation.

**Lead IT: Switching from a basic to a standards-based IT infrastructure often results in the estimated saves shown here. Actual savings may vary depending upon the needs of your business.

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