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IT Consultants = Must Have; Internal Staff = Nice to Have

When IT concerns become overwhelming, many managers assume hiring an on-staff IT expert is the solution. Unfortunately, this impulse represents an outdated mode of IT management. Given that IT is now crucial to every company’s bottom line – and that … Continue reading

Information Technology Consulting Firms and the CIO’s New Role

Chief Information Officer: It’s a title that expresses high-level management across information sources. Yet the reality is that for many CIOs, the job encompasses not just strategic management but also technological platforms, contracts, vendor relationships and countless other minutiae of … Continue reading

IT Consultants Lead the Way to Making Smarter Technology Purchases

Oftentimes, employees who provide IT maintenance are expected to supply strategy, as well. Many companies rely on their in-house IT staff to suggest new technologies, which is rarely the best approach. In-house IT employees often lack the perspective required to … Continue reading