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SMB IT Question of the Month: Will the Cloud Replace My IT Department?

Many IT consulting services called last year “The Year of the Cloud” and predicted that SMBs would soon run most of their technological applications via the Internet. From data storage to disaster preparedness to software licensing, it seemed that nearly … Continue reading

SMB IT Question of the Month: How Deeply Should IT Staff be Involved in Day-to-Day Operations?

In yesterday’s small business, IT consulting was a largely technology-facing job. IT consulting services concentrated on maintaining hardware and software. Their role was preservative and largely behind-the-scenes, as evidenced by the stereotype of IT offices being isolated in basements. Saturday … Continue reading

SMB IT: Prioritizing is Critical

According to a recent survey conducted by a blogger on IT consulting services, 66 percent of IT managers say they have seen how poor coordination across different types of IT demand leads to poor support of business performance. That’s a … Continue reading

Leveraging an IT Consultant to Improve Overall IT Department Management

The IT landscape is shifting away from exclusively in-house work. More and more companies are turning to IT consulting services, rather than trying to carry out all IT tasks internally. This tendency is a natural outcome of the increasing complexity … Continue reading

Collaboration Is Key to Decreasing Response Time to IT Issues

CFIOs and other company leaders often measure IT efficiency in terms of the response time needed to resolve issues. The thinking behind this is that the more rapidly an IT department can respond to and resolve an IT snafu, the … Continue reading