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Thinking of IT as a cost center costs you

Remember the old days and the old ways of doing business when only sales contributed to a company’s profitability? When progress meant minimizing costs on everything else required to support sales? And as for IT, once we became convinced we couldn’t function … Continue reading

Defining Remote Managed Services for Portland SMBs

Sometimes, the terms that get thrown around in IT circles aren’t easy to understand. According to a recent survey of SMB leaders by Techaisle, the term “remote managed services” is one of the least understood in all of IT. Managed … Continue reading

Simplifying IT Technology for SMBs

We are living in an era of information overload, when the major obstacle facing business leaders is not so much finding relevant business advice, but knowing which information to trust. This trend is definitely true for IT managed services. Thousands … Continue reading

CFOs Partner with Portland IT Managed Services in Post-Digital World

Today’s CFOs face an important strategic choice: namely, whether or not to work strategically with IT leadership. In the past, IT managed services had as little to do with overall company strategy as any other piece of equipment. Those who … Continue reading

Are Hybrid CIOs the New SMB IT Consultants?

Small business employees see plenty of benefits: a more personal relationship with their managers, for instance, as well as greater opportunity for innovation than is typically found within large corporations. However, these advantages are typically offset by the challenges that … Continue reading

The 5-Headed IT Person: Assessing the Value of IT Managed Services

With the technology landscape in constant flux, IT professionals often find themselves wearing a variety of different hats. Whether you have an in-house IT department or contract the work out to an IT managed services firm, a critical step in … Continue reading

When Does Your Business Need More IT Services?

As a business grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage. While growth is obviously welcome, it also makes it tougher to know what’s happening across an organization. Yet companies need just this kind of “big picture” understanding in order to … Continue reading

SMB IT Question of the Month: Will the Cloud Replace My IT Department?

Many IT consulting services called last year “The Year of the Cloud” and predicted that SMBs would soon run most of their technological applications via the Internet. From data storage to disaster preparedness to software licensing, it seemed that nearly … Continue reading

2012 ITSM Challenges: How CFIOs can Develop More Service-Centric IT Departments

The IT landscape hasn’t been easy to navigate over the last couple of years, given the sluggish economy and increased technological complexity. Despite these challenges, many executives expect more from their IT managed services than ever before. Emphasizing the “service” … Continue reading

2012 ITSM Challenges: Better Cost Transparency for CIOs

IT managed services make up a sizeable chunk of any company’s operating expenses. After all, it’s virtually impossible to do business these days without a strong IT service management infrastructure. As IT’s role in enterprise continues to grow, cost transparency … Continue reading