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The 5-Headed IT Person: Assessing the Value of IT Managed Services

With the technology landscape in constant flux, IT professionals often find themselves wearing a variety of different hats. Whether you have an in-house IT department or contract the work out to an IT managed services firm, a critical step in … Continue reading

2012 ITSM Challenges: BYOD and Other Hardware Issues for CFIOs

The pace of business is accelerating, and one of the current challenges pivots around the work-life balance. Today, as the business world moves toward a cloud-based IT service management model, it is becoming increasingly important to integrate all personal productivity … Continue reading

Overcoming Resistance to IT Service Management Change

You’ve finally found the perfect solution for that nagging IT service management problem. Yet when you present it to employees, a general grunt of resistance rises. People are naturally inclined to resist change. IT leaders can guide any team smoothly … Continue reading

2012 ITSM Challenges: How CFIOs can Develop More Service-Centric IT Departments

The IT landscape hasn’t been easy to navigate over the last couple of years, given the sluggish economy and increased technological complexity. Despite these challenges, many executives expect more from their IT managed services than ever before. Emphasizing the “service” … Continue reading

2012 ITSM Challenges: Better Cost Transparency for CIOs

IT managed services make up a sizeable chunk of any company’s operating expenses. After all, it’s virtually impossible to do business these days without a strong IT service management infrastructure. As IT’s role in enterprise continues to grow, cost transparency … Continue reading

Understanding ITIL: An IT Framework, Not a Silver Bullet

The business world tends to churn through trendy concepts pretty quickly. As a new fad flares up, some businesses inevitably become so devoted to it that they forget to focus on their own business objectives. ITIL guidelines are currently spurring … Continue reading

The ITIL Approach to IT Service Management: The Benefit to Small Businesses

American fast food business pioneer Ray Kroc once said, “The quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves.” However, a strong leader will also create consistently high standards for his or her department. This is … Continue reading