What’s in Store for IT Security: Predictions for 2013 updated to 2021

Malware AheadOriginally published in late 2013 the challenges then are still present now and are actually still appropriate. Typically, victims of a computer infection don’t realize their machines are “sick” until it’s already too late. For instance, back on Oct. 3, 2012, 53 universities experienced unauthorized access to their networks. Now the success of criminals is such that 60% of all small businesses that undergo a cybersecurity attack close and never open their doors again. The estimates for 2021 are that the total cost of cybercrime will hit $6.1 trillion worldwide.  Add to this that the average time to discover a breach in a corporate network is 207 days. This last statistic is startling when you think of what a hacker can do once they’re inside your network. If they have 207 days, they can do a lot.

Clearly, you can’t wait until an attack has happened to shore up your systems. Instead, we suggest working with an IT consultant to protect your system against the upcoming IT security threats in 2013 are still valid in 2021, and are outlined below.

1. Mobile devices will be included in cross-platform attacks. As more and more workers rely on BYOD to do their work, hackers will be more attracted to mobile devices. From Android to Mac operating systems, all platforms will be at risk. Mobile app stores, for instance, will become hacking targets and may unwittingly pass on viruses to their customers. An IT consultant can assist you in creating BYOD protocols and installing mobile protection systems.

2. Expect attacks on virtual systems. Just as Deepthroat advised Woodward and Bernstein to “follow the money” in All the President’s Men, wise IT security experts will advise their clients to “follow the IT trends” in predicting security threats. With more companies using virtualization for servers, sandboxing, and applications, it makes perfect sense that hackers would aim more attacks toward virtual machines. Lead I.T., your Portland IT consulting firm, can help your company maintain secure virtual environments going into 2013.

3. Cybercriminals will go on manipulating legitimate web platforms. Content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress will continue to be attractive hacking targets in 2013. Because those who administer these web-based systems often fail to update security patches, cybercriminals see content management systems as easy targets. By taking advantage of weaknesses in CMS platforms, hackers can force your company website to host malware or even a fake anti-virus page. To prevent an attack on your site, bring Lead IT Consulting in for advice.

The prediction made in 2013 is even more true today: Email malware attacks will be on the rise. Therefore, it’s important to constantly and consistently educate workers about the importance of not downloading any questionable email attachments, not clicking on any links from unknown people, and much more.

For all of these upcoming threats, and for those that we can’t yet predict, an IT consultant is a powerful form of protection to have on your side. Don’t wait for an attack to cause irreparable damage – instead, arrange for an IT consulting firm to conduct an audit of your security setup before 2013 repeats itself again.

[ Photo by: Cea., on Flickr, via CC License ]

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