Who Not to Hire when Choosing an IT Services Provider

Is your business at a growth point where you know there is a need for a provider of IT services? If so, you’ve probably seen dozens of articles on what to look for in an IT consulting service. However, there’s plenty to avoid, as well, when hiring IT workers. Steer clear of the kinds of IT specialists listed below –they’ll only hinder your company’s innovation.

Don’t hire the hardware devotee.

This “endangered species” of IT worker is stuck in the ’90s when servers and hardware ruled the tech world. Rather than researching which solutions will drive the company forward, these narrow-minded individuals are still defining their own success according to how many pieces of hardware they control. Beware; hardware devotees will continue to fight for physical equipment that is no longer needed. If you suspect you may already have a hardware junkie on staff, bring in an IT consulting service for a second opinion.

Don’t hire the IT elitist.

That old stereotype of the IT services expert as the know-all technological demigod no longer applies. The IT gatekeeper role is gone. Nowadays, users have ways to work around IT dictums – and they will, unless the IT department is willing to work together on an even playing field. The IT elitist will emphasize his or her background as the only legitimate preparation for working with technology, thus deadening teamwork and innovation.

Don’t hire a certificate “master” who lacks experience.

A decade ago, you couldn’t get a job in IT without a long list of certifications. In order to work with a certain piece of hardware or software, you needed a special certification in it. Now it’s much more important that IT workers understand how to get an ocean of applications and software to play well together. IT innovation is happening at an incredible pace, so today’s hot certification may be outdated in a month or two. Versatility, flexibility, and experience are must-haves in today’s IT environment; certifications are less telling than they used to be.

If you’re hoping to find a reliable, innovative IT consulting service or employee who will give your firm a competitive edge, avoid the characters listed above.

[ Photo by: Victor1558, on Flickr, via CC License ]

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