Helping Your Company Charge Ahead Of Competition

Technology is useful only if it adapts with your business, is there when you need it, and your IT support is nimble enough to support it.

With Lead IT Consulting as your partner you can depend up us to clearly present options to improve, proactively prevent problems and to be recommending the most effective solutions available.
We believe you should spend no more than what is needed to compete and achieve competitive results.

As your technology adviser, we’ll look for ways to optimize and reduce your IT costs while maximizing the return on every investment, while providing consistent reliable services you can trust.

Lead I.T. serves business owners

Business Owners

Get back to focusing on your business, and off the IT treadmill.

Lead I.T. serves CFOs


Untangle your IT vendor contracts and get your IT understand and get spending under control.

Lead I.T. serves CFIOs


Make your life easier and lighten your team’s workload leverage your team by collaborating with us.

Unbiased IT Solutions Customized for Your Business

The technology marketplace is filled with voices clamoring for your attention. We can cut through the noise and help you make the right IT decisions. We’re not affiliated with any vendors or software, so our recommendations are balanced on your needs and industry standards.

We never assume we know your needs. At Lead I.T., we listen closely to your problems so we can deliver solutions that support your business objectives.

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