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CPAs have unique business, security, and regulatory requirements and needs. Communications are inherently sensitive and clients need to know that and trust your ability to keep their information secure. The modern challenge is more than just carving out the time to make sure you’ve done the best to achieve these goals. There is an ongoing need to consistently invest time in maintaining, and improving as the need for change never really ends. We all know that cyber thieves see CPAs and their clients as prime targets. By partnering with a trusted IT Services firm to augment and help oversee security measures the defense against cybercriminals can be vastly improved.

.CPA Domain Migration Services

Zero trust frameworks are an acknowledgment that the world wide web is based upon trust first, then verification. Cybercriminals are consistently and actively abusing this trust first then verify with great success. The success of cybercriminals is leading to a more active adoption of top-level domains. Top-level domains have been in place, by major brands and governments for years, to provide added security and specificity to minimize cyber interruptions. In recognition that a top-level domain would benefit CPAs, the AICPA went through the process to establish .cpa. There was a time when this was a nice-to-have feature for the average CPA firm. Now, thanks to the success of cyber criminals, the time is to make this change. LEARN MORE

WISP Documentation Services

In addition, the IRS’s mandate for WISP documentation means you can end up spending more precious cycles on satisfying this requirement vs. spending time on billable client work. Let us take this off your plate so you can stay focused on your business and clients.

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Lead I.T. has several active CPA clients. Incidentally, they are some of our happiest customers. Our CPA customers realize and appreciate our help in identifying risks in their IT systems, and regulatory requirements. We understand and support the specific services indicated above and more. If you are feeling overwhelmed and like you might need our help, reach out to see how easy it can be. Book a meeting to discuss or complete a contact form and let us know how we might help. We are more than happy to discuss your specific situation and tailor service solutions to support your business.

At Lead I.T., we deliver on our promises. Ask our clients about us, and they’ll tell you they can safely rely on us to meet their IT needs. Whether you’re looking to increase your security through a domain migration, satisfy documentation to the IRS, or upgrade your technology without breaking the bank, we’ll help you do it efficiently and cost-effectively.

.cpa Domain Migration or WISP Documentation Services

$799 each

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